Yoga Poses To Lift Your Morale

Would you like to lift your morale? I think we could all do with a bit of a lift now and then. Heres a few yoga poses which you can include in your routine to make you feel just a bit better.

Start with your favourite yoga warm up. You can either then practice these poses or include them in any routine of your choice.  Move into each pose slowly and mindfully and concentrate on the name of the pose your in. We have Star, Goddess and Hero – just the thing to lift your morale.

Yoga Poses To lift Your Morale.

Stay in each of these poses just as long as is good for you. Try and start with three breaths working up through five to seven.


star poseStar is a super pose. Its so simple. Stand facing the long side of the mat with your legs wide and point your toes out to the corners of the mat. Your arms go high and out at an angle – as wide as your legs are. Look up, and push up through your fingers. Feel the energy rising. You are a star. Feel energy rising up out of the ground, up through your body towards the sky. Breathe deeply in and out and say to yourself “I am a star”.



Goddess PoseNow from Star pose, bend your knees and hips so that your knees point over your toes. It’s important to get your knees pointing over your toes to avoid injury. Now place your hands and arms in cactus position with your palms facing forward.

How low can you go? Go just to the point you feel a comfortable stretch, remember no pain. Now smile, breathe deeply and say to yourself ” I am a Goddess.


If you wish you can alternate between Star and Goddess a few times, each time push higher into Star and go a little lower into Goddess pose.



Lift Your moraleThere are several variations to this pose, each takes it a little deeper. Just take it as far as is good for you today. Once you reach your level, stay for a few breaths and say to yourself ” I am  Hero”.

Start in a high kneeling pose, tuck your toes under and sit back onto your heels. Now, this may be quite painful on your toes and until you have practised it for a while. Just take it as far as you can and know that given time you will be able to stay seated on them longer.

Hero PoseFind the point in the pose that is good for you and breathe deeply. Say to yourself ” I am a Hero”.


Complete the practice

Now you can either complete your favourite practice or simply pop into Child’s pose for a few minutes.

How did you find this? Did it lift your Morale? Visit my yoga facebook page if you wish and let me know.


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