The Day We Went to Bridlington

We’ve been to Bridlington, I think it must be over 50 years since I was last there. Just a day trip, the main purpose was to look at a boat that was for sale. The boat wasn’t for us but we had a fun anyway.

Bridlington Day Trip

It was low tide when we got there, a chance to see the boats when they were not bobbing about.  I love these traditional fishing boats, very colourful.

bridlington 1

There were lots of seagulls about. Normally Im not keen on these aggressive birds, especially when they are on the canals.  They belong at the seaside and here they look good, more to come later 🙂
bridlington seagull

Low tide still, there is lots of sand but we’ve no time to spend on the beach. The breakwaters make and create pools, next time I will explore them.

Bridlington sand
A fun fair for all the family.

Bridlington fair

This bronze statue caught my eye, a fisherwoman sits on the quay mending nets whilst waiting for her husband’s return. I hope he came home safely.

bridlington fisher lady

Crab or lobster pots. I’m trying to make the everyday look  interesting – could do better and will do next time
bridlington crab pots

Seabirds on the beach, There’s a watercolour effect to this picture. Are the birds paddling or looking for food?

bridlington crab pots
There’s an ethereal effect to this pic, “War or the worlds” springs to mind. Tiny people dominated by giant machines. My camera was pointing a bit too much into the sun

Bridlington Windmills
Of course, we had chips on the harbour front for lunch. There was plenty of entertainment from the gulls whilst we sat there.

Bridlington seagull in flight
bridlington seagull too

Out To Sea

After lunch, the tide was in and a trip on the Yorkshire Belle was inevitable. One and a half hours for £8 and we were off to see the seabirds. Along the Yorkshire coast, past the two lighthouses at Flamborough head, round the corner and there they were.

flamborough head lighthouse


I don’t yet have a long enough lens to capture these well but I hope you get the idea. The birds were everywhere. They spend most of their lives at sea, just returning in the summer months to nest. I was hoping to capture a Puffin photo but no luck, I had to settle for gannets and gulls.

Seabirds bridlington
Plenty of fishing boats about

bridlington fishing boat

A most enjoyable trip and I hope it won’t be quite as long before I’m back again.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please do see some of my other adventures . 
The Bridlington tourist board have more information on visiting the town.

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