Make Another 30 Photos

I’m Making another 30 photos. Back in December last year and this January I made 30 photos for the A year with my camera course. Things happened ( well my Yoga teacher Training got in the way) and I didn’t complete the course. So I’m starting again in September.

Make Another 30 Photos

As a prequel to the course, I have made another 30 photos. I hope these are better than the previous set as I have a better camera and a little more experience.



  1. Fill the frame with colour – a cornflower from my wildflower garden
  2. Things in threes – poppies from the same wildflower patch
  3. Black and white – I took this view of Rethymnon harbour on our recent holiday in Crete
  4. Taken at midday. The flowers on this cactus last just one day.
  5. Abstract, those wildflowers again
  6. Snails eye view, my garden snail taking a look around
  7. Reflection, a poor old dog on a hot day. So close to the water but not close enough to drink
  8. Lit by a window, a paperweight catches the light from the round window
  9. Older than me. I was so proud of this, my first moon capture
  10. Food, in memory of a cute duckling. Gone but not forgotten
  11. Shadows, Damselflies and their shadows on my wall
  12. Plain background. The black shows the detail on the silver well.
  13. Balance, the conductor is straddling two narrow boats in a lock.
  14. Urban, factories built alongside a canal
  15. Extreme edit, colour contrast of the white flower and black fly
  16. Eye-catching, I think I caught this birds eye.
  17. Behind, Yep it’s a cygnets behind
  18. Pattern
  19. Wildlife,
  20. Break the rule of thirds, This plant looks like a grey forest
  21. Just two colours, another damselfly
  22. Move the camera
  23. Self Portrait, me after a long yoga session
  24. Movement, Im quite proud of catching these parrots
  25. Stripes, the flowers are for the bees
  26. Weather, You need good weather for a hot air balloon
  27. Silouette, a lucky catch late one evening
  28. Depth
  29. Vintage
  30. Texture, detail from a tapestry cushion.

What do you think of my make another 30 photos ? Im looking forward to my next challenge to help me grow and develop as a photographer.

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