Favourite Place Relaxing Meditation

My latest meditation is all about your favourite outdoor place. Can you think of where your favourite outdoor place is? This meditation is designed to take you back there and to relax you. You can use this anytime you have 5 minutes to yourself.  Just find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and be peaceful.

Favourite Place Meditation

Favourite Place Relaxing Meditation

Imagine you have a little free time, just for yourself.

There is nothing to do, no pressures and no worries.

You lie down warm and comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

relax, relax, relax

I am going to count from 10 to 1 and with every number, you relax deeper and deeper


Going deeper 6,5,4,

You are relaxing even further 3,2,1,



Your mind drifts to your favourite quiet outdoor space

It could be somewhere by water, a lake, a river, a canal or a beach

Or perhaps in a wood or on the top of a mountain.


Take a look around your favourite place and remember what it looks like

You feel happy here and all is well.

Do you want to wander around this place for a moment or just take in the atmosphere?

It feels good to be here again.

What can you see? Maybe a boat on the water or a bird in the trees.

Can you remember how it smells?

Can you hear any noise, perhaps just the sound of the water, a few birds in the background or the leaves fluttering in the gentle breeze?

You feel safe here and take a seat.

It’s nice and dry so perhaps on the ground or is there a bench nearby?


As you sit down the sun appears, It’s a lovely temperature

– neither too hot or too cold, just right and it feels good on your skin without burning you.


As you sit in this, your favourite place you breathe in.

You breathe the sunshine filled air deep into your lungs

Breath out all clouds and darkness

Breathe in again and let the sun fill your entire body.

All there is to do is relax and enjoy this your favourite place.


The sun is the bringer of life. As it shines on you it makes you feel good mentally and physically.

Your body relaxes even more and your mind is so peaceful.

Just sit here for a moment in your favourite place and breathe.


Now I am going to count up from 1 to 10

With each number, you gradually bring your mind back to the room.

1,2,3, your awaken a little

4,5,6,7, coming back into the room


Wriggle your fingers and wriggle your toes. Blink your eyes open as you return to normal.



Remember this time and know that when you have a few moments to yourself

you can sit quietly and come back here to your favourite place.

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