August One Day Twelve Pics Challenge

After enjoying the One Day Twelve Pictures challenge so much in July, I decided to have another go with the August One Day Twelve Pics. For those of you who don’t know this challenge, you take one picture every hour for 12 hours on the same day.

Its a lot more intensive than you might think as you have to find 12 different subjects, get the right picture, do the editing and upload them to Instagram.

I started just before 8.00 and completed 12 hours later. Here are my 12.

August One Day Twelve Pics

  1. Just before 8.00 in the morning. Heres my cat Flo out on the prowl.
  2. A hydrangea in my garden. I took this out of a first-floor window to try and get a different angle on it.
  3. A couple of narrow boats just happened by at the right time.  Here I’m trying to use diagonals as composition
  4. Close up of a beautiful pin flower growing in my wildflower patch.
  5. A chance encounter with a spider in my garden. I’m hoping to photograph a few more webs as we get closer to Autumn. I think they are quite beautiful.
  6. My sundial, not the best of shots. I need to try and capture this again
  7. A sawfly sitting on a white flower. I’m proud of this one, love the fading background and the diagonal line leading to the fly.
  8. Honeysuckle reaching for the sky.
  9. This was taken during a walk around Straws Pond. A swan decided to do a little dance right in front of my camera.
  10. Coots are not normally calm creatures so this photo is quite special
  11. A very friendly goose posing for me
  12. Back at home, my metal garden duck.

Give it a go?

This August One Day Twelve Pics challenge is part of the Photography course I’m doing. If you are interested in joining in the next one starts in September. You can find the details over on Facebook – A Year With My Camera. It’s actually free to take the course although you can purchase a couple of books to go with it. I’ve bought the first one  ( about £20) and think it will really enhance my experience of the course and help me make the most of it.  So far I highly recommend taking a look at the course if you want to develop DSLR camera skills.  Please give me a shout if you do decide to join in.

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