Amongst The Clouds Deeply Relax

I have a lovely new relaxing meditation for you Amongst The Clouds Deeply Relax. It’s about floating amongst the clouds. Don’t worry if you are like me and have a fear of heights, in this meditation you are always completely safe and secure. You can go just as high as you feel happy with even if that is just 2 inches above the floor.

Deeply RelaxAmongst The Clouds Deeply Relax

Lie back and relax on your mat and breathe. Relax, relax, relax

Let it all go, surrender, surrender, surrender

Relax your toes and feet, relax your legs

Relax your hips, your back and your torso.

Your shoulders relax. Your fingers and your arms are relaxed

Relax your neck and let the relaxation spread up over your head, around your eyes and over your face.

You feel relaxed all over.

In your mind’s eye see a cloud gently rise out of the floor.

The cloud is soft and cool and feels wonderful as it gradually surrounds your back and sides.

Your relax even further as the cloud gently rises higher taking you slowly with it. It rises an inch or two off the floor and you feel so relaxed and safe floating here on your cloud.

If you like you can stay here just above the floor or if you wish your cloud can rise higher – you know its safe and you feel really secure.

You leave all your cares, concerns and worries behind you for a while as your cloud rises slowly upwards.

The roof and walls disappear as you gradually rise higher. Your cloud supports you and it feels so soft, cool and relaxing.

There are other clouds around you now, they float above and below you but never bump into your cloud somehow.

Relax and watch the clouds, the sun gently warms you and your cloud is soft and supporting.

You enjoy the sight as a hot air balloon drifts slowly by.

You look down, below you are the trees just about swaying in the gentle breeze. You see a patchwork of fields, a river and a lake.

Relax even more and take in the view. In the distance there are mountains and right on the horizon, there is the sea.

Now you sink back into your cloud, you feel so happy and content here. Nothing to worry about, just relax and enjoy.

This is your cloud, feel its softness and its coolness. Remember your cloud, its colour, its shape, how it looks and feels.

Any time you like you can lie back and picture your cloud in your mind’s eye. It will always feel safe and secure and it can take you anywhere you like.

Now its time for your cloud to drift slowly and gently back to the room. Take your time, there’s no hurry. When your back on the mat your cloud sinks back into the ground.

It’s time to gradually awaken now. Wriggle your fingers, wriggle your toes.

Next time you breathe in then take your arms up and over your head and take a lovely long stretch.

Bring your knees up over your chest, hug in your knees and rock from side to side.

If you have heart or blood pressure problems the turn to your left-hand side otherwise turn onto your right. Take a breath or two here before coming up to a cross-legged seated position.


Did this meditation deeply relax you? I do hope so.  I have more meditations which you can try if you like.  There are also more photos I’ve taken just like the balloon over on annie_the-yogi on Instagram.






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