All for a Pound Wildflower Garden

Wow, what can I say, just look at my about a pound wildflower garden? Have you ever seen a more wonderful display of flowers for the price? Earlier this year I had some overgrown bushes removed and I wanted to fill the space for the summer and I wanted it cheap. The idea was to fill the area with colour and quick. I love my flowers but never have much time to spend actually gardening.

wildflower gardenAll for a Pound Wildflower Garden

My solution and I have to admit it was a bit of a stab in the dark, was to buy a cheap pack of wildflower seeds. This was a shaker pack purchased from Aldi, I can’t remember exactly what I paid but either .99p or £1.99, what a bargain. All I did was rake over the soil, sprinkle them all over, water and wait.

poppies and cow parsleyAt first, they just looked like weeds were growing all over. Too many people weeds are exactly what wildflowers are as any plant in the wrong place is often considered to be a weed.

night scented stocksEventually, I was rewarded with the best display I have ever grown. My garden is ablaze with colour. Even in this hot dry weather, the flowers are lasting well – they have been like this for 6 weeks now. As a bonus, the smell of the night scented stocks fills the garden in the evening.

I’ve tried to identify the flowers which include: A huge range of poppies, Night-scented Stocks, Nigella flowers in many colours, Cow Parsley, Cornflowers, Marigolds of different types and more.

beesThe bees love the flowers and the longer they are there then the more bees are about. Its like they have gone home and told all their friends about the great stash of pollen waiting for them to collect.

poppiesI’ve learnt something about Poppies too, each flower just lives one day. They lose their petals by the end of their first flowering day. The next morning there is another to take its place. Such beauty and so quickly gone.

Next Year

Gradually the flowers are reducing now. I will leave them in place until they are nice and dry and then collect the seeds. There is a bit of guerrilla gardening coming on in my neighbourhood 😉 Perhaps, next year,  there will be wildflowers in all the dull corners around here.


As for my wildflower patch next years,  there will be some self-seeding of course, beyond this I’ve planned for a few different wildflowers collections. It’s quite exciting waiting to see what turns up.


Can you identify any of the flowers in my wildflower garden that I couldn’t? It would be great if you could pop down a comment and let me know. Also, I’ve started a Facebook page for Annecdotes and would love to see you there.

wildflower garden blue


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