Hello, Welcome to Annecdotes :-). I’m Anne and this is my blog.

About Annecdotes

In the distant past, I was an IT manager. It was a glamorous high flying career where I travelled extensively. After 20 years of the corporate life, I had had enough and knew I couldn’t go on. Extensive soul-searching and I managed to change my career and life for the better. Now I’m an Antique dealer, yoga teacher, blogger and photographer. The more independent creative life suits me.

If I did it then you can too. I’m hoping you will find this blog an inspiration to cast off and go your own way. Theses a bit about how I did it and a lot about my life now.

A huge cat lover who is into boats and boating. I am looking forward to a long, happy and adventurous retirement when there will be more time for travel and adventure.

Staying well and healthy is very important as we age. My yoga and meditation is a big part of this as is my healthy diet.


Annecdotes is a UK Lifestyle blog for the over 50’s.  All about adventure, wellness, style for the slightly older person. Not your usual retirement blog, a positive approach to happy ageing and a long healthy life.


Photographing Adventure & Travel:

  • Days out
  • Weekends away
  • Longer holidays
  • Boating and sailing
  • Serious adventures ( hopefully)
  • Simply trying something new


  • Healthy eating and cooking ( maybe a few recipes too)
  • Excercise
  • Mental health,  meditation & positive thinking
  • Staying healthy as we age

My Love of Vintage  and Antiques

I changed my life so you can too


  • Everything else I consider interesting, useful and fun for those heading towards retirement.
  • Geneology
  • Gardening
  • Friends


About Anne

This is my blog about my lifestyle. Like many ladies born during the 50s and 60s, I now approach retirement and wonder what to do with the next 25 years. Also a living diary so I can look back on it during my dotage.

Sometime back in the 1970s I graduated with a  degree in psychology and computer studies. It paid way better than the other available options so I began my career as a techie geek in IT.  Through long hours and hard work, this turned into a glamorous international corporate career. After 10 years of city hopping,  I gave that up 20 years ago to follow a dream and became an antique dealer. It was the early days of the internet and I was able to combine my IT skills with antique knowledge and creates antiquesavenue.co.uk.

Now its time to move onwards and upwards and look forward. I’m re-training as a yoga teacher and have ambitions to run a successful lifestyle blog.  Happy to have you along and share this journey with me.


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Should you wish to collaborate with Annecdotes in any way then please do get in touch. I have no media kit or advertising rates worked out as yet but I am sure that will follow soon.  I do have a good social media following approaching 10K spread across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with smaller but growing followings on Instagram and Pinterest.

One thing though – Personal integrity comes first. I will never recommend anything I do not like, enjoy or would use myself.

Image Use

Would you like to use my images? I retain the copyright to all my images unless you have purchased it from me.  Please ask, you can only use them if you have my emailed permission or have purchased them through my Etsy Digital Image Store.

Without my express permission or a purchase, you may not use them and I will invoice you at £100 for each image you use without authorisation. This includes the images on this site and my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

You may however use any images I place on Pinterest for personal use, You may not re-sell them without my express permission.