1 Day 12 Pics photo challenge #1day12pics

As regular readers of this blog know, I am learning photography. One of the ways I’m doing this is through the A year with my camera facebook group. Recently I participated in their challenge 1 day 12 pics or # 1day12pics. Its the second challenge Ive done with my previous attempt being  make 30 pics
The idea is that on the first Saturday in a month you take one photo an hour for 12 hours and post it on Instagram. This was much more Full on than I imagined it would be. It actually took over the entire day deciding what pictures to take, taking the photo editing it and then uploading to Instagram. I am very pleased with most of the pictures, what do you think?


The first I took just before 8.00 am in the morning, I love the way the bees are attracted to the flowers

Just before 8.00 am

Just before 9.00 am, I was intending to make the full day about flowers but Flo my cat had other ideas. Here she is

Flo cat

Bees are not the only insects attracted to my garden. Normally I would avoid the house fly but here this one provides a little touch of interest and colour contrast

Fly on flower

Picture 4 was taken in my wildflower patch again. The butterflies are normally so busy you cant get a good picture. This was the best I managed all day.

butterfly and flower

Now we come to the photo which was taken at mid-day. This is supposed to be the worst time of day to take a photo as the light is hard. Perhaps hard light goes well with hard and prickly cacti?

mid day cacti

A lovely damselfly ( I think). If its not then please do let me know what insect this is. I love the way the blues of the insect go with the green leaves.

damsel fly

In search of photographic inspiration, I went to Wollaton park where I believed there was a botanical garden. There is of course however it is only open on a Sunday. So I looked around and made the most of the other opportunities in the park. I was busy snapping photos when this cute squirrel photo bombed me 🙂



And I couldn’t resist the birds. The crows had made this bench their own


Back at home for the final three photos and Yes I managed flowers this time. Any one know what these are? I’ve always loved the fluffiness of these flowers

Pink Flowers

A close up, this looks like a grey fern forest

fern forest

Finally my orchid. A birthday gift from my lovely yoga ladies which has flowered again this year. Delightful

birthday orchid

Hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I enjoyed my 1day12pics challenge. If so then Please follow me on Instagram where I am trying to post regularly.

Do you know any photo challenges similar to 1day12pics? I would love to hear about them.

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