What’s different about The Over 50s And Exercise? We are not the same as younger people so should we approach fitness differently? Even those of us who are fit still feel the changes of age. Have you noticed that you don’t bounce like you used too? Your knees hurt when you run? You warm up more slowly? OOooh, and how you ache the next day or the day after?

Over 50s and ExerciseThe Over 50s And Exercise.

There are physical and psychological changes that make life more difficult for us as we age. The luckier amongst us are still apparently fit and healthy and can join regular classes. Some need more help. Either way, exercise is not as easy as it once was.

Body changes as we age.

Ageing effects everyone differently. The rate of ageing depends on personal stuff like lifestyle, illnesses and accidents in our past and genetics.  Have we exercised throughout life and eaten well? Or maybe not!

  • Our muscular power decreases as does our metabolic rate.
  • There is an increase in the likelihood of osteoporosis,
  • decreased mobility and stability of joints.
  • Between the ages of 30 and 70, there is a 30% decrease in the CardioVascular system efficiency.
  • That’s not all we have to suffer – postural issues increase and our cells have fewer mitochondria which produce energy.

Why we should exercise the ageing over 50.

Exercise is no less important as we age than at any other age. In fact, I would say its even more important now. Exercise can:

  • Slow down the rate of ageing,
  • Help us retain muscle.
  • Help us balance better and so avoid falls.
  • Bones stay stronger longer.
  • Stiffness can be reduced.
  • Exercise helps with reducing our weight and blood pressure and so many more health conditions.

Let’s say we still feel healthy, there are still many reasons to exercise over 50. We find everyday tasks such as driving, reaching high or picking things off the floor easier. When your fit you are more likely to want to take part in social activities. Most of all ( from my point of view) we look better, feel better and it helps keep the wrinkles at bay.

One of the best forms of exercise for the over 50’s is yoga – I have a huge list of 50 reasons why.

I will tackle why Yoga is the specifically good exercise for the over 50’s soon.  In the meantime, every like really helps me keep this site free so please do check out and like my Facebook Page.