My year in photos. 2017 hasn’t been the most exciting year as we are both working towards retirement.  Wanting to make the most of the financial opportunities there has not been much time for fun. One of the fun things I have done is start this blog and thought it would be great to write a photo journal of 2017 highlights, my year in photos.

I want a journal of the change coming in my life, ending work and moving into retirement and thought plenty of photos would be the way to go. To create this I scanned my entire 2017 photo library and selected the ones that best represented the highlights from each month.

My year in photos


Reviewing January the photos seem to focus on the cats ( or kittens as they were back then) Ebb and Flo. Actually I could have filled my entire year in photos with cat picutres but I have managed to restrain myself a little.

Here they are together back to back and then poor Flo dressed up in her sausage suit just after having the snip. The final pic shows why they took up so much time back then, we were frightened of them falling in the water, getting lost or being attacked by a fox. The only way they were allowed outside was on a lead.

my year in photos

Flo in sausage suit

cat on a lead


I’ve always wanted to pursue genealogy and create my family tree. There was a discount offer in February on one of the family history sites and I signed up. Completely fascinating. I’ve borrowed a whole file of family history photos from my aunt and made a good start. Sending off for past birth and marriage certificate I learnt quite a bit about my fathers family. Heres Photos of my Mum and Dad when they were young. We also received out DNA test results and found out my heritage was mostly Celtic and Saxon.




It seems that March was the last time I went to auction to buy stock for my business. I never intended it to be this way but business conditions have almost forced me out of business. Auctions are fun and I will be going back at some stage either to buy more, sell a few bits or just to take photos.  They could be a real inspiration for future photo projects.




Our local railway station re-opened to great excitement around here. We took a trip to Matlock on the first day, just to say we were there. Just a wander around and a few fish and chips but did enjoy it. A couple of weeks later we took the train to York > its many years since I’ve been there. It was a little on the busy side and we were unable to have tea at Betty’s or visit the Viking museum due to huge queues. We will be back to complete our look around sometime soon. At the end of the month, it was Nigels birthday and his present from his family was a big meal out and a trip to 10cc  for us all

Anne York Stocks



I’ve done yoga for 15 years and always fancied being a yoga teacher. I’ve looked at many courses and have either found them too expensive or too far away. In May the perfect one turned up out of the blue and I signed up immediately.  It’s the perfect career to run me into retirement keeping me fit and healthy with the possibility of earning a little extra cash along the way. I was well prepared for a lot of physical hard work but had no idea that there would be so much learning to do as well. Unfortunately, its put my family history research on hold for a while, hopefully, to recommence next year.


In June we had an excellent trip to Matlock for days walking in the country. It was great fun to start with but somehow we did manage to go a little of course and lost our way. Of course, we eventually found our way back to the car. Nigel took some great photos of me doing yoga – love them. Ive roped a few friends into doing weekly yoga classes with me which is going to help with my course quite a lot.

yoga in matlock



We managed to get the boat out at last in July – just down to Mercia where we left it for a few weeks and enjoyed a couple of weekends down there. It was much busier than last year and the weather wasn’t kind. The poor boat doesn’t get used very often. A plan is made to sell her and replace with a one more suitable for our needs at some time in the future. My first exam for my yoga course was this month and I am please to say I passed with flying colours.

July on the Trent


August saw us visiting my brother in Suffolk – just a quick overnight stop and a tour of the boating highlights in the area.

The other August highlight was the Inland Waterways festival nearby. This meant lots of boats passing us which rarely happens.

boat festival


This was a month of two halves, good and bad. At the beginning of the month, poor Ebb was really ill and had to be put to sleep. It was so sad and stressful. A couple of weeks later we were off to Scotland for a weeks boating on the Caledonian and my 60th birthday. Thank you, Nigel, for such a wonderful holiday. I wish I had blogged it properly at the time. Hopefully, that will be the last adventure which goes unrecorded.

Anne in Scotland


We didn’t get up to much in October. I suppose that was partially due to the late September holiday and also due to the second exam for my yoga course. I’ve been studying anatomy hard all summer and am pleased that I did really well again. We did have a great day out in Derby shopping and a rather special lunch at the Bell hotel one Saturday.

Bell Hotel


November was our third anniversary and a magical trip to Whitby. It was also when Annecdotes was started and our first properly blogged adventure.


Comming to the end of My Year In Photos now. Mid-December saw us down on the south coast visiting Nigels daughter for a pre-Christmas party followed by Christmas in Ashby. I’ve started my “A year with my camera challenge” as well. Now, looking back, for this My year in photos post its not been a really bad year. Quiet but not bad.

Christmas 2017


Is this the best way to record my year in photos 2017 ? I intend blogging throughout 2018 so a round up quite like this will not be appropriate again. Im interested, do any of your record times passing in a diary, journal or blog? It would be great to hear about it. Heres to next year!