Look at these beautiful flowers I’ve been given. They are so lovely and flowers are one of my favourite gifts to receive. How about you? Do all ladies over a certain age love them? They are much less fattening than chocolates and last a lot longer too. It’s especially wonderful to receive them when they are a surprise like these were for me.


Beautiful flowersBeautiful Flowers

I’ve been trying to work out which flowers these are. I can see a few Gerberas, Chrysanthemums in pink and white, a single pink Rose and a touch of green foliage to set it all off. They have been placed in my Grandma’s cherished crystal vase in pride of place in the hall. It’s quite dark there so they really brighten it up and I see them everytime I pass through. The raspberry and white combination is quite special.

cut flowersCaring for Cut Flowers

I want to make sure these flowers look their best for the longest time possible so there is a little cut flower preserver in the water. When this preserver isn’t available I pop a teaspoon of sugar and a couple of dashes of white vinegar in the vase. The sugar feeds the flowers and the vinegar stops the water going all green and smelly. Before placing them in the vase I trimmed off the very ends of the stems as they may have dried out. Trimming them allows more water to be drawn up. Finally, as I mentioned, they are out of the sunshine, placing them somewhere not too bright helps too.


Bunch of flowersPoisonous Beauty

My sweet little cat is called Flo, more about her another day. She isn’t the brightest button so, before any of this, I checked that all of the flowers are cat safe. Did you know that some of our favourite beautiful flowers are poisonous to cats? Ones to avoid include Lilies ( including the pollen), Daffodils, Tulips and Lilly of the Valley. There are quite a few more so make sure each one is safe especially if your kitty is inclined to chew things like mine is.

If the worst happens and your cat is taken ill whilst you have flowers in the house then get her to the vet immediately. Symptoms include a sore mouth, sore tummy and any signs of an allergic reaction. There are more symptoms depending on the particular flower so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take the flowers with you as well so the vet can see what has caused the issue.


Here’s hoping my beautiful flowers last a few more days and maybe this appreciation will encourage himself to bring more home soon. 🙂 Did you enjoy seeing them? Please pop a comment below let me know – it will encourage me to write more.

Anne x

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